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On-Site Support

An Event Where Everything Goes According To Plan.

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We worry about troubleshooting, presenters’ issues and scheduling so you can focus on more important things.

You don’t have time to worry about networking, troubleshooting, scheduling or presenters’ issues at your event, but we do. At Upstream Tech Solutions, we’re on your team during your entire event providing on-site support in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis or beyond. So as soon as something goes wrong, we’ll be there to set it right.

Hardware doesn’t make an event, support and expertise does

Any company can provide you with the hardware you need, but few offer on-site support too. At Upstream Tech Solutions, we see this as just another way to add value and remove hassle for all of our clients.

Ready to discuss your real needs? We want to listen.

Tired of companies not willing to partner with you to work through your needs? Us too.

Contact us today at 612.598.2401 to discuss your needs and find a resolution custom-tailored to your event.