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Athletic Events

Enjoy The Action On The Field While We Handle The Action From The Sidelines

Giving all types of athletic events a technological edge

There’s no room for technological error when it comes to professional athletic events. After all, every statistic matters. But. just renting the technological equipment you need to ensure a worry-free event doesn’t mean that everything will work as it should.

At Upstream Tech Solutions, we’re here for you as if your athletic event is our own. That means that we don’t just provide the online event registration software that you need. Instead, we provide the support to ensure that it works exactly as it should.

Your worry-free event starts with our wide range of solutions

Tired of spending every event worrying about the tech side of things and missing out on all the action? We know you are, which is why we handle all of the following for you:

  • Event registration – Ensure that registration is quick, simple and efficient for all attendees.
  • Statistics – Accurately track statistics without having to worry about glitches getting in the way.
  • Databasing – Add to your database and access it anywhere.
  • Score projection – Keep attendees engaged in the action with simplistic score projection technology.
  • Merchandise sales – Generate additional revenue with the systems needed to support all merchandise sales.
  • Internet Cafes – Provide Internet connectivity and laptop access to attendees.

Let us worry about your athletic event for you

For us, your event is our own.

Contact us at 612.598.2401 to discuss your unique needs and to look forward to actually enjoying the action during your next event.