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An Event Registration System That’s As Robust As You Are!

Get your event started right

Imagine an online event registration system that makes your event easier to launch and better than ever! World-class features include customizable registration fields, multiple fee structures, integrated breakout (and more) registrations, social media tools, secure payment processing, email CRM, reporting, cost analysis and much more.

Both you and your attendees will love our event registration system!

The success of your conferences, convention or meeting is not dependent solely on the big event itself; success starts the minute your attendees go online to register. They expect a registration system that’s fast, friendly and secure to use. “Well, that was easy!” is what you want your attendees to say to themselves after they register for all that your event has to offer.

Start Your Event On A High Note!

One event registration system … So many features!

  • Fully customizable: select from pre-defined fields, add fields, custom fields.
  • Multiple fee structures and registrations available: breakouts, social, etc.
  • Accommodation and travel fields
  • MySQL database storage with one-step Excel exporting
  • Social media marketing tools
  • Real-time reporting, analytics and admin features
  • Admin registration editing and payment processing
  • Secure payment, most major payment gateways
  • Email registrant’s section
  • Update registrations capacity
  • Style sheet design to match your branding
  • Survey options and much more

An Event Registration System With Measurable, Matchless Benefits.

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Your event registration software should be customizable, secure and simple, or at least we think so. If you agree, Upstream Tech Solutions has the solution you’ve been waiting for.

The beginning of any event is your opportunity to impress attendees. So, what is your event registration system saying about your company? If you’re using the online event registration software from Upstream Tech Solutions, you’re saying all the right things. That’s because our system is one of the few that offers fully customizable fields, multiple fee structures and registrations, real-time tools, secure payments, survey options and countless other benefits. The result? A system that sets you up for success.

The success of your event begins with online registration

Attendees form impressions of your event from the second they choose to register. And, with the Upstream Tech Solutions online event registration software, attendees will have a secure, fast and easy-to-use solution that gets them excited for your event.

Let’s discuss your real needs and determine real results today

Tired of “tech” solutions for your online event registration system that fall short? Us too. That’s why when you contact us, we’ll work as your partner to make your event the success you want it to be.