Upstream Tech Solutions


Welcome Back, Chris!

Chris Bollman has a long history as a tech expert on our team, and after a brief leave, he’s back with us full-time – and we couldn’t be happier.

Chris first joined Upstream Tech Solutions in 2009, working our events in the Duluth area. A couple of years later he joined us full-time in the Twin Cities and on many of our travel assignments.

Wishing to opt for the North Shore lifestyle with his wife, he moved back to Duluth a few years ago, yet he remained on special assignments with us. But beginning in March, he has jumped back in with our elite team full-time and we couldn’t be more pleased.

Chris is our primary specialist in all things Mac (iPads, MacBook, and iPod Touches) as well as AV-centric events.

Like the rest of our team, Chris has a genuine Midwestern heart, reflected in his sailboat, kayaks and love for Lake Superior with his wife, two kids and dog. He describes himself as a “dad, entrepreneur, vintage Apple geek, European car nut, and outdoor adventurer.”

Contact Chris directly through our Minneapolis office at (612) 843-4485 or