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4 Easy Ways to Stay Eco-Friendly at Your Event

eco friendly conventionEveryone from large corporations to individuals at home are motivated to recycle more often, and conventions and meetings are the perfect places to join in.

Large gatherings of hosted events can leave a less-than-green impact when the amount of paper and plastic is greatly multiplied. Here are a few ways you can turn eco-friendly at your next event:

Go paperless

Paper is everywhere at conventions. From maps to forms to schedules, each attendee likely has their hands full of it. What you can do is replace some of these handouts with digital versions. Throw maps and schedules on the event website or phone app.

Attendees would appreciate being able to get a little more interactive while freeing up their pockets and bags. You can also put forms and registrations on tablets at your booth, which results in easier data gathering and less time manually entering hundreds of names and emails.

When attendees do need a hard copy, having printers available can allow guests to print out the items that they really need

Use recycled material

Many companies like Green Line Paper offer paper, pens, pencils and bags made from recyclable materials. Then when they’re used up, send them back into the recycling bin and the process repeats.

Offer recycling bins

Have recycling bins accessible to attendees. Many understand the importance of recycling, not to mention how easy it is. You can set out bins for plastics, paper, aluminum cans, or one for all three depending on local recycling practices. Recycling bins can even be sold to event sponsors.

Reusable tote bags

Goodie bags, swag bags, eco totes—these reusable canvas or plastic tote bags are loaded with benefits: Attendees love having places to hold promotional gifts and personal items, they’re an easy and effective surface for brand promotion, and they’re durable enough to be reused instead of disposable bags.

Even after the convention is over, guests can use these bags during traveling or shopping trips for years. And if they’re branded, your name goes along with them.


The best part: if attendees and other companies see your green efforts, they will likely tie your company name with the responsible and trustworthy image that being eco-friendly gives off.

Going green can be easy. Try these tips at your next event and let us know how it went!